RollTech Partners is one of the three operating units of Windavar. In order to better meet the clients’ demand, Windavar is currently operating under three different specialized operating units, namely RollTech Partners, ChemTech Partners, and GeoTec each bringing its own value proposition to the group and enjoying its own unique workforce that contributes effectively to the shared core philosophy:

“Be the Best”           “Act the Best”           “Provide the Best”

The core objective behind RollTech Partners is to:

  • Provide flexible and customized solutions to their respective clients
  • Create a mutually beneficial relationship among parties involved
  • Remove "Distance", "Time", "Cultural", and "Communication” barriers
  • Secure the business transaction with optimal efficiency
  • Bring business and cultural fusion among parties
  • Engage stakeholders during the business process cycle
  • Provide needed protection against market instabilities, and grey areas

Competency criteria for possible best selection of RollTech Suppliers:

  • Quality and timely services
  • Flexibility in offering customized solutions
  • Financial facilities and instruments offered to the customers
  • Degree of agility and responsiveness to the clients
  • Past proven history & brand
  • Sufficient expertise and knowledge at the corporate level
  • Financial stability with a credible history
  • Willingness to participate as a partner in a long-term relationship

RollTech products:

  • Aluminum Foil:
  • For various industrial applications such as Food, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, Auto, and others.

  • Plastic Films:
  • Plain, coated and metalized films, flexible laminates, pouches/bags, and many others.

  • Specialty Papers:
  • For specific application based on customer requirements. Paper and paperboard are being prepared for unique special purposes for printing, finishing, and packaging.

RollTech Partners was established with the vision of providing high quality roll-based packaging solutions from state-of-the-art manufacturing plants across the globe that would meet the stringent quality, price, and service criteria set by RollTech Partners. The word “Partners” illustrates the way the company has viewed its relationship with all its stakeholders including its clients, suppliers, agents and employees.

Being knowledge based and self-driven, RollTech Partners is structured and managed in a way to specialize in its own field of activity meeting the current and future needs of the target markets. Networks of reliable partners across the globe are established under this operating unit, offering value-added tailor-made services to its clients.

As well as the other operating units of Windavar, RollTech Partners is a specialized operating unit offering viable solutions to the clients’ demands and complex business problems pertaining to that specific unit, by formulating the right strategies, and providing objective views needed in meeting their needs. Reliability and effectiveness of our customized solutions are what our customers could rely on.

Wide range of product and solution based services are provided by RollTech Partners to meet the local needs of the clients in various industries such as Food, Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Packaging, and many others. The suppliers are carefully chosen to provide quality and timely services to our customers across the globe.